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Gurjit Dhillon

Indépendant pour Langley City Conseil


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remis au bureau d’élection de Langley City par le candidat

As a resident of Langley for last 40 + years.I know what must be done to make our city best it can be.I can be the voice of change.

My past experience as a business agent for SEUI Local 244,and as Political action committee from Canadian Labour Congress.

I am member of move up and understand the impact municipal consult have on our day today lives.

I believe in:

- and less sirens more trains.

- more bikes limited lanes.

- reduce red tape and waste.

- more community gardens few fences.

- City Hall open to all.

My Grantee:

In touch with the taxpayers.

Therefore I ask you to come out and vote exercise your duty.