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Leith White

Indépendant pour Langley City Conseil
A HEALTHY, POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT fosters healthy growth. In nature, when the environment is healthy things grow & its true for Langley City. As a leader & councillor that's what I'll be working towards - creating a healthy, positive environment for business/economy and community.


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My family and I have lived in the Langley area for 26 years - the last 22 years pastoring a church in downtown Langley City. Previously I lead in Senior Executive mgnt roles for 3 premier retailers- IKEA, Staples and Starbucks. I'm passionate about seeing Langley City thrive!

Raison de la candidature

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The next 4 years are so critical for Langley City - we cannot waste another 4 years. I don't have all the answers that's for sure. I know though my greatest contribution is getting people to collaborate with one another and working towards what matters to get things done!

My priorities start with LEADERSHIP - and an approach that is dedicated to SERVING Langley City through unity and collaboration.  LEADERSHIP always holds serving in the forefront!

My STRENGTH in leadership has been developed over 35 years; leading in both business and as a Pastor serving the community by gathering and collaborating with individuals, community resources/organizations, businesses, government, and RCMP to create a better everyday LIFE for people living in Langley City - to prosper the city. 

​My PRIORITY is working effectively together as a council towards a set of identified common goals, utilizing the strengths, resources and expertise of the community to yield the BEST RESULTS.  EFFECTIVE leadership is more about an action that serves - than a position that's held.   

Leaders in and of themselves DO NOT possess all the answers, DON'T know the future, and DON'T always know best how to meet the needs within their communities.  THEY ARE THOUGH responsible to work towards each of those things through consultation and engagement to seek the best possible outcome.  It's as much about HOW we all work together towards our goals as it is WHAT goals its is we're working towards.

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