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Dave Stingl

Indépendant pour Langley City Conseil


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remis au bureau d’élection de Langley City par le candidat

I have a retail business named "Everything But Diamonds" located on the one-way section of Fraser Hwy. in downtown Langley. In a space this small, all I can do is let you know that I care about The City of Langley. I care deeply. I’m not looking to become the next career politician and I’m fully aware that being on City Council is kind of a thankless job. I will represent YOU. Issue's like tackling housing affordability, transit and mobility, crime rates, recycling & garbage pickup and the lack of senior facilities. Fell free to pop by the shop and chat with me with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Please consider voting David Stingl to represent YOU on Langley City Council.