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Val van den Broek

Indépendant pour Langley City Maire (candidat sortant)


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remis au bureau d’élection de Langley City par le candidat

Starting as a City employee for 8 years at the Langley RCMP Community Police Office, Council (4 years) and now Mayor (4 years) gives me extensive knowledge & experience of how to move forward. With over 20 years of experience in public safety working for RCMP, Federal Corrections, and a Langley RCMP Auxiliary Constable, I have a clear view of what is needed to address community issues, and revitalization, I understand the value of local government and community service. I'm a full time 24/7 leader by action & not affiliated to any political parties. Despite a pandemic, fires, and several tragedies I've delivered my top 5 promises in 4 years: SKYTRAIN, Fiscal accountability (Voted NO to 10% & 7% Tax increases) Foundry, Cloverdale/Langley Hospital, Integrated Case Management Teams, Increased Housing. I'm asking for your vote so that together, we can continue to make Langley City a vibrant, healthy, accessible, and friendly community.

val4citymayor.com www.val4citymayor.com