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Paul Albrecht

Indépendant pour Langley City Conseil (candidat sortant)


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Paul has lived in Langley City for over 30 years and was elected to City Council in 2014. Paul is currently the 1st VP of the Lower Mainland Local Government Association. As a civil engineering technologist, Paul brings extensive knowledge of municipal servicing and land use.

Paul has served on every City committee or task group. He has played team sports all of his life and understands the importance of team building in order to attain success. He encourages active participation, respectful conversations, different perspectives and believes in listening, to make the best possible evidence based decisions.

Raison de la candidature

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We are entering into a transformative time in Langley City with the arrival of Skytrain. There are a number of issues such as affordable housing, public safety, Social Issues are complex and challenging, and Environmental protection and sustainability is critical.

Affordable Housing - we currently have gaps in our housing continuum that needs to be filled. By filling these gaps residents will be able to move through the housing process from rental all the way through to single family homes or even downsize.

Public Safety - residents need to feel safe in our community 24/7, the current policing model has not worked effectively and we need to develop a made in Langley City model for Langley City. I believe we need to actively engage all stakeholders in our community rom residents, business, industry, faith based groups, service providers, first responders, and City staff to work together to develop this model.

Social Issues - these are challenging issues that will require many partners, Langley City is a caring and compassionate community that can make this issue better for so many. I believe that a 'Wellness Centre' with complex care professionals (wrap around) to meet the needs of our unhoused population is the answer. It should also include housing and educational opportunities. People just need a chance to get back on their feet.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability - the recent year has shown us the effects of climate change. It is real and it is here. We must do so much more to protect our existing environment. We need to do more when it comes to development/redevelopment of our community to enhance and add environmental assets to our City. I am committed to implementing more effective sustainability measures.

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