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Teri James

Indépendant pour Langley City Conseil (candidat sortant)
Engage with other levels of government & agencies to tackle the issues of homelessness and addiction, work with developers to provide affordable housing, address public safety in its entirety and ensure that SkyTrain arrives with other transportation options and transit policing.


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Teri, her husband and their 4 children moved to Langley City in 2001 and she soon became the ED of the BIA and in 2005 was elected to City Council. Teri sits on numerous panels, committees and advisory Boards and genuinely understands the needs and challenges facing Langley City.

Raison de la candidature

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Over the next four years we need a Council that can work together to ensure that we are moving in the right direction. This includes tackling the challenges of homelessness, increased crime, drug overdoses, rapid development and the pressure these issues put on our community.