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Delaney Mack

Indépendant pour Langley City Conseil
1. Development & growth that is conscious of community needs.
2. Support for those suffering from homelessness, poor mental health and substance abuse.
3. Strong, inclusive leadership. I want all community members to feel represented, and we need diverse conversations.

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"Not a politician". A slogan that speaks to the authenticity of my goals and concerns. No pandering to voters.

As a renter and business owner within the city I can offer feet on the ground insights. Trained in the social sciences and business. I am ambitious and capable.

My fiancé and I rent in Nicomekl and I own (and work in) my small business on the one way. My store is named Hempyz and having been a staple within the community since 2008, you may have seen us! I have a passion for travelling with my favourite destinations having been Peru, Italy and Argentina.

I took university classes at KPU and excelled with my studies. Specifically, I took Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology. I loved my time there but in my early twenties I diverted my attention from scholastic pursuits to focus on my career. While I haven’t attended Kwantlen for some time, my company continues to provide a scholarship for students studying Sociology there annually.

In life I enjoy challenging myself, whether it’s with new endeavours (such as this campaign) or through other unique experiences. I have an open mind and like to learn. While I don’t expect to agree with everyone or to hold the same views, I believe those differing opinions offer a dynamic nature to conversations. There is always something to be gained through respectfully working with others. 

I am a member of the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce, and I have recently been appointed to their Government Policy Committee.

I am running as an independent candidate and will not operate in a slate with any other candidates.

Raison de la candidature

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My reasonings...

I haven't felt represented by our current council for some time. I often feel that the planning within the city it out of touch with community needs.

After having the same representation in council for many years, I feel we need new ideas and voices. At the end of the day if you want a change, you must change your vote.

mackforlangleycity.ca www.mackforlangleycity.ca