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Society & Government plateformes

Voici ce que les candidats Wolseley, et leurs partis, promettent.


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Crown corporations

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  • Set up an independent civilian body between government and crown corporations
  • Require crown corporations to include stakeholders and communities when making decisions

Electoral Reform


  • Lower the voting age to 16 in Provincial and Municipal Elections.
  • Establish a Mixed-Member Proportional Representation electoral system for Manitoba
  • Fix the date of provincial general elections to no sooner or later than once every four years, except should the government fall in a vote of non-confidence
  • Impose an annual moratorium on winter by-elections
  • Significantly reduce the annual political contribution limits to reduce the influence of wealthy stakeholders on Manitoba's Elections
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  • Introduce a ranked ballot system for provincial elections
  • Negotiate with municipalities who want to adopt ranked ballots as well

Gender-based violence


  • Create a new strategy to make sexual assault nurse examiners available 24/7 across the province, and hire 7 full-time-equivalent nursing positions

    "An NDP government would develop a new provincial strategy to ensure that sexual assault nurse examiners (SANE) are available 24/7 in urban, rural and northern Manitoba. An NDP government would hire 7 FTE nursing positions to support this commitment. The NDP would also make improvements to the waiting room to improve comfort and care for sexual assault patients at HSC and future capital improvements to support the SANE program." — mbndp.ca, 2023-09-27


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Indigenous Women, Girls, & 2-Spirited People

Nous n’avons par de PC politiques sur Indigenous Women, Girls, & 2-Spirited People.


  • Reinstate the Special Advisor on Indigenous Women's Issues

    "Additionally, the Manitoba NDP will reinstate the role of the Special Advisor on Indigenous Women’s Issues, who will work directly with MMIWG2S+ families and report directly to the responsible Minister." — mbndp.ca, 2023-08-11

  • Establish 24/7 drop-in centres for Indigenous Women, Girls, and 2-Spirited Peoples in Winnipeg, Brandon, and Thompson
  • Create a specific Indigenous Victim Services Unit in the justice department
  • Review and modernise the Compensation for Victims of Crime programme to align it with MMIWG2S+ families' needs
  • Start a provincial database of MMIWG2S+
  • Set police standards for MMIWG2S+ cases

    "Furthermore, a Manitoba NDP administration will aim to empower law enforcement agencies in capturing violent perpetrators by ensuring police standards are in place when MMIWG2S+ cases are investigated such as: confirming that nation-wide police data systems are consistently utilized and standardizing how sexual assault cases are investigated." — mbndp.ca, 2023-08-11


  • Create Indigenous-led advisory bodies within police forces

    "Implement Indigenous-led advisory bodies within policing agencies to ensure gender-based violence is a priority." — Dougald Lamont & the Manitoba Liberals — Real Choice, Real Change

Indigenous children in care

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Nous n’avons par de NDP politiques sur Indigenous children in care.


  • Return $338M of federal benefits to Indigenous children who were in care from 2006-2019

    "From 2006 to 2019, the Manitoba Government illegally took federal benefits intended for Indigenous children who were in the care CFS. Childrens’ Special Allowances were monthly payments intended to pay for the care of all Indigenous children.

    When children were taken into the custody of CFS, the Manitoba Government clawed back, dollar for dollar, these necessary supports. This left lasting harm and has limited many childrens’ full potential. In opposition, the Progressive Conservatives described this act as “Immoral and illegal” and the New Democratic Party (NDP) called it “theft”. Despite criticizing each other, neither party has committed to returning the funds for its intended use.

    Manitoba Liberals commit to return $338-million stolen by the PCs and NDP to all Indigenous children who were in the custody of Child and Family Services." — Dougald Lamont & the Manitoba Liberals — Real Choice, Real Change

Indigenous communities affected by Hydro

Nous n’avons par de PC politiques sur Indigenous communities affected by Hydro.
Nous n’avons par de NDP politiques sur Indigenous communities affected by Hydro.


  • Direct Hydro to work with First Nations to address outstanding compensation
  • Create a long-term fund for costs and damages created by Hydro projects

    "In addition, a long-term fund will be established to address the costs and damage created by Hydro projects, restore habitats, and repair environmental damage. Manitoba Liberals will commit a portion of the Manitoba Government’s income stream from Manitoba Hydro to this fund each year." — Dougald Lamont & the Manitoba Liberals — Real Choice, Real Change

Indigenous relations

Nous n’avons par de PC politiques sur Indigenous relations.
Nous n’avons par de NDP politiques sur Indigenous relations.


  • Create an Indigenous Secretariat to direct government on Indigenous programmes and services

    "To achieve that goal, Manitoba Liberals commit to creating an Indigenous Secretariat that will have an independent voice directing government on how best to offer programs and services for Indigenous peoples.

    That would include implementing the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and ensure that Jordan’s Principle is enforced." — Dougald Lamont & the Manitoba Liberals — Real Choice, Real Change

Justice system

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Nous n’avons par de NDP politiques sur Justice system.


  • Expand resources for diversion programmes

    "Manitoba Liberals commit to strengthening the support network of the judicial system by expanding the resources for programs that divert people away from incarceration." — Dougald Lamont & the Manitoba Liberals — Real Choice, Real Change

  • Fund Native Clan and Clan Mothers Healing Village

    "We will fund Native Clan and Clan Mothers Healing Village to provide meaningful options to incarceration and safe placements after release, to provide shelter, supports to create a path to healing — including culturally appropriate provincial halfway houses." — Dougald Lamont & the Manitoba Liberals — Real Choice, Real Change

Municipal governments

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Public safety


  • Advocate for the federal government’s provision of refugee status to 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals who are subject to persecution and/or cannot legally and safely obtain gender-affirming care in their home country, and the repeal of the Safe Third Country agreement
  • Develop dedicated safe spaces for 2SLGBTQIA+ refugees and housing at least 750 2SLGBTQIA+ refugees before 2028, equivalent to approximately 10% of the annual refugees received by Manitoba each year
  • Require the installation of stop signs and traffic calming measures in back lanes to prevent collisions with cyclists and pedestrians
  • Enact a province-wide urban default residential speed limit of no more than 30km/h
  • Prohibit motorists from turning across a pedestrian or cyclist crosswalk at a red light (effectively banning right turns on red)
  • Permit cyclists of all ages and with all sizes of tire to ride on sidewalks, provided they do so safely and yield to pedestrians


  • Expand the Downtown Community Safety Partnership in Brandon with a $2M grant
  • Provide $1M to install automated speed cameras, and $100K for public information surrounding street-racing

    "Working with Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) and Winnipeg police, a re-elected PC government will provide $1 million to install automated camera technology to identify high-speed offenders and monitor noise levels in real time in high-need areas of the city where street racing is a problem.

    Additionally, a re-elected PC government will provide $100,000 to launch a public education campaign to help inform the public of enforcement measures and to promote safer alternatives like the Interlake Dragway." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-25

  • Create a $3M fund for security upgrades and repairs for retailers and hotels

    "The Retail and Hotel Crime Fund will support efforts to install security features in retail locations such as security cameras and alarm systems. It will also provide funding for cleanups after a break-in, such as replacing broken glass or door panels that were destroyed as a result of crime, or to clean up graffiti on the outside of businesses." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-25

  • Provide a cost-of-living allowance for officers in Thompson and The Pas

    "To keep Northern Manitoba communities safe and staffed with RCMP, a re-elected PC government will restore the cost-of-living allowance for northern officers that was cut by the federal government, Alan McLauchlan, PC candidate for The Pas-Kameesak, announced today." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-28

    "This allowance directly impacts the compensation received by RCMP officers stationed at northern detachments. The net loss for officers averages to around $10,000 per year, with the anticipated annual cost to cover these losses is $600,000. A re-elected PC government will cover this financial shortfall for officers in both Thompson and The Pas, McLauchlan said." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-28

  • Appoint a Chief Provincial Firearms Officer to promote gun safety and replace the federally-appointed Firearms Officer

    "The Chief Provincial Firearms Officer will be provincially appointed, and report to the Attorney General. The CPFO office will oversee inquiries related to gun licensing, promote gun safety and responsible ownership, and work with police forces across the province. It will also oversee gun licensing for Manitobans." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-28

  • Call for a meeting of provincial and territorial justice ministers to reviewing sentencing under the Criminal Code

    "A re-elected PC government will call for an all provincial and territorial Justice Ministers summit to strategize and decide on conditions for action against lax sentencing and early catch-and-release policies implemented under Trudeau’s watch, reviewing sentencing under Canada’s Criminal Code. This summit will also include a review of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, Goertzen added." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-29


  • Pass an Unexplained Wealth Act to target drug traffickers
  • Provide a $2.5M rebate programme for security alarms, cameras, and motion sensor lights for homes and small businesses

    "Helping families stay safe at home and protecting small businesses with a $2.5 million rebate program for security updates like security alarms, doorbell cameras and motion sensor lights." — mbndp.ca, 2023-08-17

  • Provide $12M to hire 100 mental health workers to respond to non-violent calls

    "Helping the police focus on their jobs by hiring 100 mental health workers to work alongside law enforcement and respond to non-violent calls with a $12 million annual investment in new jobs." — mbndp.ca, 2023-08-17

  • Implement the National Police Federation's recommendations on bail reform

    "Improving bail measures by implementing the National Police Federations recommendations on bail reform including support for better data sharing among law enforcement, investments in rural broadband to improve bail monitoring and introducing standard qualifications for those who conduct bail hearings." — mbndp.ca, 2023-08-17

  • Build a new jail in Dauphin


  • Create non-police crisis teams focused on deescalation and treatment to work with police on mental health and addictions crises

    "Establish non-police mental health and addictions crisis teams to work in tandem with law enforcement agencies across the province, with a focus on de-escalation and treatment" — Dougald Lamont & the Manitoba Liberals — Real Choice, Real Change

  • Fund culturally-relevant anti-gang diversion programmes
  • Bring back youth justice committees province-wide

Searching the Prairie Green Landfill


  • "Stand firm" against searching the Prairie Green Landfill


  • Support searching the Prairie Green Landfill


  • Work with all levels of government to search the Prairie Green Landfill
  • Pay 50% of the cost


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