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Andrew Micklefield

Candidat PC pour Rossmere



Promesses de PC

Open four ready-to-move childcare centres in Winnipeg with 642 new spaces
Expand $10-a-day childcare to include in-service days and summer holidays

Public transit

Promesses de PC

Provide $8.8M over 4 years for new Winnipeg Transit routes

"A re-elected PC government will provide $2.2 million annually to support the Aurora and Castlebury Meadows transit lines in northern Winnipeg, as well as Prairie Pointe and Waterford Green transit lines in Waverley West, Smith noted." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-28

Tax measures and rebates

Promesses de PC

Halve the tax rate for the lowest provincial income tax bracket over 4 years

"To create bigger paycheques for all Manitobans, a re-elected PC government will cut the tax rate on the lowest provincial income tax bracket in half over the next four years, representing a 1.35% tax reduction annually, PC Leader Heather Stefanson announced today.

For the average income of $50,000, that amounts to savings of $1,900 per year by 2028, or roughly the equivalent of an extra paycheque every year, providing long-term tax relief for Manitobans." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-05

Remove PST on trees and flowers

"To put more ‘green’ back into Manitoba streets and gardens, a re-elected PC government will remove the PST from the sale of trees and flowers, Janice Morley-Lecomte, PC candidate for Seine River, announced today.

“We want every Manitoba family to have the opportunity to beautify their homes and neighbourhoods, and dig into the benefits of gardening,” said Morley-Lecomte. “More trees and plants mean cleaner air and healthier communities. We believe these measures will make home and community greening efforts more affordable, and help us all add an extra splash of nature to our streets.”

Fruit and vegetable plants are already exempt from PST, Morley-Lecomte noted. Extending the exemption will build on the PCs’ commitment in Budget 2023 to plant an extra 1 million trees every year in rural, urban, and Indigenous communities across Manitoba over the next decade, she said." — pcmanitoba.com, retrieved 2023-09-17

Remove PST on restaurant meals


Promesse de PC

Instruct Manitoba Hydro to remove the carbon tax from all bills

"Manitobans also continue to be punished by the unfair NDP-Liberal Carbon Tax, and the PCs have previously committed to fighting the carbon tax on Manitoba Hydro. Now, with a favourable legal opinion, a re-elected PC government will instruct Manitoba Hydro to immediately remove the carbon tax from all Hydro bills within the first 10 days of a new PC mandate, Stefanson said." — pcmanitoba.ca, 2023-09-05

Climate Change & the Environment

Green construction and retrofits

Promesse de PC

Create a $15M fund to retrofit semi-trailers for aerodynamics

"The PCs also committed today to new investments to improve fuel efficiency in the transportation sector, with a $15-million fund to equip semi-trailers with aerodynamic retrofits. Around 31% of the province’s greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the transportation sector." — pcmanitoba.com, retrieved 2023-09-17

Public transit

Promesses de PC

Provide $8.8M over 4 years for new Winnipeg Transit routes

"A re-elected PC government will provide $2.2 million annually to support the Aurora and Castlebury Meadows transit lines in northern Winnipeg, as well as Prairie Pointe and Waterford Green transit lines in Waverley West, Smith noted." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-28


Parental rights and involvement

Promesses de PC

Require schools to inform parents of curriculum
Require schools to involve parents when addressing bullying and pupil behaviour changes
Require schools to get consent from parents before making, sharing, or storing any image of a student
Require schools to notify parents before any presentations are made at school by outside presenters


Cancer care

Promesse de PC

Create a charity license plate for the Manitoba Motorcycle Ride for Dad

"In addition, a re-elected PC government will work with Manitoba Public Insurance to create a charity licence plate to support the Manitoba Motorcycle Ride for Dad, which raises funds every year to support the fight against prostate cancer. Funds raised by the Manitoba Motorcycle Ride for Dad go toward the Prostate Cancer Fight Foundation." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-26

Drugs and addiction

Promesses de PC

Provide $10M to build the Quest Health Recovery Centre in Downtown Winnipeg to provide 180 treatment beds to First Nations people

"A re-elected PC government will provide up to $10-million in capital funding towards the Quest Health Recovery Centre. This facility is planned to include 180 mixed-gender addictions treatment beds for both on- and off-reserve First Nations clients. It is a culturally-sensitive, 12-week program, focused on the evolving needs and preferences of the First Nations community. The Quest Health Recovery Centre also plans to offer second stage treatment beds, which will allow for longer-term addictions treatment and facilitate soft landings back into the community." — pcmanitoba.com, retrieved 2023-09-20

Fund 1,600 more treatment spaces over two years

"Today’s commitment to invest $8.7 million in 1,600 new spaces will add to the 1,648 spaces funded in Budget 2023. It also builds upon the ongoing investments being made into Manitoba’s five-year Mental Health Roadmap, including $17.3 million this year to advance the following addictions recovery priorities:

  • $600,000 to create residential withdrawal management beds in Brandon to ensure that people have the necessary time to safely detox from dangerous drugs and access extended treatment; and
  • $448,000 in ongoing funding to Klinic Community Health Centre for mobile withdrawal management services, making addiction services as accessible as possible in the community." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-21

Health staffing

Promesses de PC

Invest $120M into a permanent health-care worker recruitment and retention fund

Mental health

Promesses de PC

Provide $12.7M to support organisations providing mental health services to children and youth

"A re-elected PC government will also invest $12.7 million to support organizations that provide services to children and youth struggling with their mental health, Klein said. Funding will include a $2.5-million increase to annual funding for mental health service organizations, and $680,000 annually to support the Canadian Mental Health Association Service Navigation Hub, an information and referral service for mental health and addiction resources." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-21

Primary care

Promesse de PC

Work with regulators to allow pharmacists to treat common conditions

"A re-elected PC government will facilitate pharmacists treating common conditions such as strep throat, pink eye, minor skin infections, tick bites, sprains and strains, and painful menstrual periods, as well as enhanced management of chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, Teitsma mentioned." — pcmanitoba.com, retrieved 2023-09-20

Rural healthcare

Promesses de PC

Target $40M of the $120M recruitment fund to rural communities and cities outside Winnipeg

Seniors' health and services

Promesses de PC

Allow seniors to defer some or all of their annual property taxes with interest until the home is sold

"The median income for Manitoba seniors aged 65 and older was $34,800 in 2021. Through a new property tax deferment program, the provincial government would pay deferred taxes to local governments on a qualifying senior’s behalf, which would be repaid with interest when a home is sold—ensuring the program is cost-neutral." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-07

Provide a $500 tax credit for walkers, wheelchairs, and home improvements

"Several such tax deferral programs already exist in jurisdictions across Canada, including Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, Johnston noted. A re-elected PC government will also introduce a new $500 tax credit to help cover the cost of equipment such as walkers and wheelchairs, and improvements to their home, Johnston added." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-07

Sexual and reproductive health

Promesses de PC

Increase the Fertility Treatment Tax Credit to 50%

Housing & Homelessness

Home purchases and ownership

Promesses de PC

Remove the Land Transfer Tax for first-time home buyers


Promesses de PC

Provide $250K to help upgrade the Winnipeg Kinsmen Veterans Village

"In a groundbreaking move, the PC Party unveiled a pledge to grant $250,000 to support the Homes for Heroes Foundation’s sustainability plan in the Winnipeg Kinsmen Veterans Village. This funding will aid in retrofitting and efficiency upgrades, ensuring veterans in the village benefit from energy-efficient homes while contributing to a more sustainable future for all Manitobans. Lower maintenance costs for veteran residents will be an added advantage." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-22

Jobs, Businesses, & Labour


Promesses de PC

Permanently reduce the rent for agricultural Crown lands by 50%
Triple funding for Veterinary Service Districts

"To improve animal welfare across the province, PCs are also pledging to triple funding for Veterinary Service Districts, which maintain clinics across the province on behalf of veterinarians and the industry. This will attract new vets to rural Manitoba, improve services for both companion and large animals, and further help livestock producers with accessible service." — pcmanitoba.com, retrieved 2023-09-17

Double funding for the Winnipeg Humane Society's One Health Program

"A re-elected PC government will also double the funding committed to the Winnipeg Humane Society for the One Health Program, which provides veterinary care in underserved rural and remote communities." — pcmanitoba.com, retrieved 2023-09-17

Business taxes

Promesse de PC

Phase out the Payroll Tax over 8 years

"Following last week’s affordability promises of continuing to reduce income taxes and eliminating the Land Transfer Tax for first-time homebuyers, the PCs announced today that they would also phase out the anti-competitive Payroll Tax on Manitoba businesses over eight years, with a 50-per-cent reduction in four years." — pcmanitoba.com, retrieved 2023-09-17

Film & TV

Promesses de PC

Provide a 10% tax credit bonus to productions who use Manitoba music in 50% or more of their soundtrack
Commit $4.5M for soundstage facilities

Fishing & Aquaculture

Promesses de PC

Provide $20M for expanding aquaculture

"The PCs pledge commits $20 million toward the expansion of aquaculture throughout Manitoba, in order to leverage further cost-sharing from the federal government." — pcmanitoba.com, retrieved 2023-09-17


Promesses de PC

Provide $10M for the Waverley West Recreation Campus Aquatic Facility
Provide $5M to redevelop the Brandon Sportsplex Arena

"This $5-million commitment will help to fund an overhaul of the facility to continue serving the community for years to come." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-25

Mining and minerals

Promesse de PC

Work with industry and northern communities to increase employment 50%

"If re-elected, the PCs will work with industry and northern communities to increase employment by 50 per cent from today’s levels, and set a challenge to double exploration investments in the province to $310 million annually by 2030." — pcmanitoba.com, retrieved 2023-09-29


Promesses de PC

Remove PST from restaurant meals


Promesse de PC

Create a skills training and recruitment fund with an initial $16M investment

"OAK BLUFF — To address Manitoba’s labour shortages and put the province on the path to filling 100,000 jobs over the next five years, a re-elected PC government will kick-start a new skills training and recruitment fund with a $16-million initial investment targeted to support the most in-demand industries, Kevin Klein, PC candidate for Kirkfield Park, announced today."

"Manitoba’s Labour Market Outlook forecasts 114,300 job openings over the next five years due to economic growth and a retiring workforce. Transportation and warehousing (5,700 jobs), construction (8,400 jobs), manufacturing (7,900 jobs), and wholesale and retail trade (15,400 jobs) are among the industries that will see the highest number of openings."

"The PCs will work with industry, sector councils, and post-secondary institutions to develop initiatives under the fund, including microcredentials, new training seats, expanding youth apprenticeships, and on-the-job training, as well as leverage matching private-sector investments to ensure a skilled, educated workforce, Klein said." — pcmanitoba.com, retrieved 2023-09-17

Society & Government


Promesse de PC

Balance the budget in 2025

Gender-based violence

Promesses de PC

Provide $5M to expand domestic violence and sexual assault counselling services
Provide $5M more for women's shelters

Public safety

Promesses de PC

Expand the Downtown Community Safety Partnership in Brandon with a $2M grant
Provide $1M to install automated speed cameras, and $100K for public information surrounding street-racing

"Working with Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) and Winnipeg police, a re-elected PC government will provide $1 million to install automated camera technology to identify high-speed offenders and monitor noise levels in real time in high-need areas of the city where street racing is a problem.

Additionally, a re-elected PC government will provide $100,000 to launch a public education campaign to help inform the public of enforcement measures and to promote safer alternatives like the Interlake Dragway." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-25

Create a $3M fund for security upgrades and repairs for retailers and hotels

"The Retail and Hotel Crime Fund will support efforts to install security features in retail locations such as security cameras and alarm systems. It will also provide funding for cleanups after a break-in, such as replacing broken glass or door panels that were destroyed as a result of crime, or to clean up graffiti on the outside of businesses." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-25

Provide a cost-of-living allowance for officers in Thompson and The Pas

"To keep Northern Manitoba communities safe and staffed with RCMP, a re-elected PC government will restore the cost-of-living allowance for northern officers that was cut by the federal government, Alan McLauchlan, PC candidate for The Pas-Kameesak, announced today." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-28

"This allowance directly impacts the compensation received by RCMP officers stationed at northern detachments. The net loss for officers averages to around $10,000 per year, with the anticipated annual cost to cover these losses is $600,000. A re-elected PC government will cover this financial shortfall for officers in both Thompson and The Pas, McLauchlan said." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-28

Appoint a Chief Provincial Firearms Officer to promote gun safety and replace the federally-appointed Firearms Officer

"The Chief Provincial Firearms Officer will be provincially appointed, and report to the Attorney General. The CPFO office will oversee inquiries related to gun licensing, promote gun safety and responsible ownership, and work with police forces across the province. It will also oversee gun licensing for Manitobans." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-28

Call for a meeting of provincial and territorial justice ministers to reviewing sentencing under the Criminal Code

"A re-elected PC government will call for an all provincial and territorial Justice Ministers summit to strategize and decide on conditions for action against lax sentencing and early catch-and-release policies implemented under Trudeau’s watch, reviewing sentencing under Canada’s Criminal Code. This summit will also include a review of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, Goertzen added." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-29

Searching the Prairie Green Landfill

Promesse de PC

"Stand firm" against searching the Prairie Green Landfill

Enjeux divers

Arts and culture

Promesses de PC

Make the Arts, Culture, and Sport in Community funding programme permanent with $100M over four years


Promesse de PC

Increase the donation tax rebate from 10.8% to 20% on the first $200 contribution, and from 17.4% to 25% on contributions over $200

"This change will increase the rebate on the first $200 charitable contribution from 10.8% to 20%, and contributions over $200 from 17.4% to 25%. As a result, Manitoba will have the most generous charitable tax credit in the country." — pcmanitoba.com, retrieved 2023-09-17

First responders

Promesse de PC

Provide $5M for services for first-responders with PTSD


Promesses de PC

Allow grocery stores and other vendors to sell liquor


Promesses de PC

Provide a $1M/year budget for a renamed Military Envoy office to provide veterans assistance accessing federal and provincial services

"Additionally, the PC Party plans to transform the Military Envoy office into a Military Affairs Secretariat, allocating an annual budget of $1 million for the Secretariat to serve as a direct point-of-access for veterans to receive assistance accessing services they require through both the federal and provincial governments." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-23

Provide $250K to help upgrade the Winnipeg Kinsmen Veterans Village

"In a groundbreaking move, the PC Party unveiled a pledge to grant $250,000 to support the Homes for Heroes Foundation’s sustainability plan in the Winnipeg Kinsmen Veterans Village. This funding will aid in retrofitting and efficiency upgrades, ensuring veterans in the village benefit from energy-efficient homes while contributing to a more sustainable future for all Manitobans. Lower maintenance costs for veteran residents will be an added advantage." — pcmanitoba.com, 2023-09-22


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soumis par le candidat ou son équipe
I immigrated to Canada as a child, graduated from Transcona Collegiate and the University of Winnipeg, and pursued Master's studies at Providence University College. I'm married for 24 years with 3 kids.

I immigrated to Canada from England in 1989, graduated from Transcona Collegiate and the University of Winnipeg (B.Ed), and later pursued Master’s studies at Providence University College.

From 2012-15, my work helping newcomer families gained positive political attention while, as Principal of The King’s School, I received acclaim from politicians of various stripes for the school’s work with refugee children.

In 2014 I coordinated a shared land and funding agreement to build soccer fields for community and school use. During this time, I also served on the Government Liaison Committee as a Director of the Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools.

I am a drummer and percussionist, and also enjoy cooking, reading and the outdoors. I have spoken at numerous conferences and events on a wide array of topics. 

My wife Ruth and I have been married for 24 years and we live in Rossmere with our 3 teenaged kids.

Since being elected in 2016, I’ve helped thousands of people, advocated on many social issues and introduced laws protecting renters, helping families of missing persons, giving conscience rights to medical professionals, modernizing liability laws for professionals and expanding bereavement leave to include miscarriage. 

I’ve spoken out against expanding Medically Assisted Death to include minors and those suffering with mental illness and passed a moratorium on expanding gambling in Manitoba. 

I’m honoured to serve our constituency of Rossmere these last 7 years and am again asking for your vote again. I’ve got a lot more to give.

Local Initiatives

Secured over $2 million in funding to Rossmere organizations, community clubs and citizens' groups to secure.

Successfully advocated for seniors' hearing aid coverage by Manitoba Health.

Successfully advocated for expansion of Chief Peguis Trail from Main St. to Route 90.

Frequent communication, work with area schools, seniors' homes, and other organizations.

Legislative Service

Since being elected in 2016 Andrew has held the following roles:

Deputy Speaker (current role) Government House Leader

Caucus Whip

Legislative Assistant to the Minister of Health

Chair, Legislative Review Committee for Child Welfare, precipitated first reduction of children in government care in 15 years

Legislation and Regulation Committee of Cabinet

Legislative Assembly Management Committee

Legislation and Regulation Committee of Caucus

Legislative Initiatives

Received all party support for Resolution calling on the Federal Government to extend the time survivors and their families have to file a claim to be eligible for the Indian Day School Settlement.

Received all party support for resolution calling on Federal Government to rescue 1200 sex trafficked Yazidi women and children to Canada. Shortly after, this happened.

Seconded and passed conscience rights legislation for medical practitioners, the first of its kind in Canada.

Introduced and passed legislation for families of missing persons, amending legislation that was 50 years old and creating much new legislation where Manitoba’s laws were silent.

Introduced and passed a motion at PC Party AGM banning expansion of gambling in Manitoba.

Passed legislation stopping landlords from charging a deposit to prospective tenants to get on a building waitlist.

Passed legislation expanding Bereavement Leave to include pregnancy loss, and expanding the number of days for all bereavement from 3 to 5 days. 

Passed a resolution at the PC Party AGM urging the federal government to abandon its attempt to expand Medical Assistance In Dying and instead focus on support for those who are suffering from mental illness and other illnesses that cause suffering and pain.

Introduced legislation granting Providence University College - which has granted over 6000 Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees - full university status alongside its peer Manitoba institutions.

I was honored to work with Andrew over several years to update Manitoba's missing persons legislation. Andrew's commitment to victims'  families gave compassionate options to those grieving the loss of their missing loved one.

- Gordon Perrier, (Retired) Winnipeg Police Service, Deputy Chief of Police 

Thanks to Andrew’s advocacy, some of our women and girls were rescued after being captured by ISIS and other terror groups and now live safely with their families here in Winnipeg. His continued advocacy for our community has helped reunite our families.

- Hadji Hesso, Executive Director, Yazidi Association of Manitoba

We're grateful for Andrew’s support through grant funding for our soccer club, which has enabled us to get equipment for our facility, players and teams.

- Derek Simpson, President, Phoenix soccer

¨I have known Andrew for many years as a strong, successful community leader.  In his role as your MLA since 2016, he has proven to be an effective voice and strong advocate for families in Rossmere.  I am confident he will continue to listen, work hard, and represent you well.¨

-Bonnie Mitchelson, former MLA for River East, former Cabinet Minister with the Filmon Government

For more than a decade, I've watched Andrew serve people in our community.  I am pleased to offer my support for his continued service to our province and the people of Rossmere.

Lawrence Toet, former MP for Elmwood - Transcona

Manitobans demand and deserve elected officials that they can trust, that are honest , committed and steadfast in their duties and responsibilities to them... conduct that crosses and surmounts all boundaries of race, religion and diverse  opinions... such a man is Andrew Micklefield

- Ogima Peter YellowQuill, Former Chief, Long Plain First Nation, Great, great grandson of Chief Yellow Quill, signatory of Treaty One, 1871. Descendant of Chief Sitting Bull

Raison de la candidature

soumis par le candidat ou son équipe
I have dedicated my life to serving people, with a focus on social concern. Manitoba needs a stable, responsible government to create an environment where everyone can prosper. I work hard.

andrewmicklefield.com www.andrewmicklefield.com